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to be edward snowden defended his actions during an online chat. >> family of snowden leading him to not talking. >> i hope pray ask you will not release any secrets. >> the summit president obama and vladimir putin both agree violence in syria has to stop but they are far apart on how to do this. >> the assad regime. >> fbi searching a field in detroit looking for remains of jimmy hoffa. >> working off a tip from a reputed mob. >> buried under a slab. that's where our understanding of the slab slab, where it should be. >> poisoned on an international flight. >> the fire now all working with the chinese? isn't that's the way it's going. >> welcome back. good morning. >> good morning. >> interview with president obama. >> look forward to it. >> world leaders wrapping up g-8 summit. >> in fact the president sat down with russian president vladimir putin. they did not look happy after the meeting. more on the g-8 talks. major garrett traveling with the president in ireland. >> first president obama defending government's secret surveillance of your phon
in support of whistleblower edward snowden. >> you can see how long people are speaking to whom and where and who to. this makes it difficult to have that mechanism and democracy. he says he is not a hero, just a regular citizen. we are going to be standing in solidarity with him, hoping the rule of law in hong kong is upheld. >> we will speak with the protest organizer and with a member of the hong kong legislative council who specializes in internet technology. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman.u.s. intelligence agencies have officially confirm the surveillance programs exposed by whistleblower edward snowden. in a letter to congress released saturday, u.s. officials that the blanket collection of phone records and the spying on foreigners internet usage are covered under section 215 of the patriot act and section 702 and the fisa amendments act. the national security agency also said it investigated less than 300 phone records seized in the broad collection of metadata at last year. the nsa claims monitor
edward snowden. in a letter to congress released saturday, u.s. officials that the blanket collection of phone records and the spying on foreigners internet usage are covered under section 215 of the patriot act and section 702 and the fisa amendments act. the national security agency also said it investigated less than 300 phone records seized in the broad collection of metadata at last year. the nsa claims monitoring has foiled terror plot in the u.s. and 20 other countries but has not provided any details. the phone records program has been in effect since two thousand six. according to the washington post, vice the courts have written orders for the bulk election of metadata every three months since may of that year, from companies including at&t and bellsouth. the court orders were prompted by a request from an unspecified telephone provider after war and less surveillance was exposed. the company apparently asked of the bush administration to come up with order so it was legally bound to comply. edward snowden is believed to remain in hong kong as he faces an ongoing u.s. invest
security agency's sweeping domestic spy program, whistleblower edward snowden defended his actions in an online chat. speaking to guardian readers and journalists, snowden indicated he remains in hong kong after arriving there last month, but did not confirm his exact location. he stood by his assertion that as an nsa contractor he had the capability to wiretap anyone in the u.s. with a personal e-mail address. at one point, snowden was asked when exactly he made the decision to come forth. he said -- we will have more on snowden with glenn greenwald, the guard in journalist to whom he made his disclosures, after the headlines. president obama meanwhile defended his ministrations top- secret domestic spy program during an interview on pbs trolley rose show that aired monday night. obama drew a line between his administration's efforts and those of the bush administration. he also claimed that nsa surveillance is transparent because requests are submitted to the top-secret foreign intelligence surveillance court. >> it is transparent and that is why we set up the fisa court. the who
the white house decide to give more help to the rebels. >>> edward snowden may be sharing information with china. what does that mean for him and the u.s.? >>> the big squeeze. one airline company plans to pack more people onto every plane but how? >>> the new superman film, why the caped hero may be wearing more than just an s on his chest. >>> welcome. it's high noon here in the east. it's 9:00 a.m. in the west. we have new reports suggesting more secrets could spill as the u.s. investigates just how much data edward snowden took with him to china. kristin welker is at the white house. wh what options do they have? >> reporter: we expect the u.s. will bring charges against edward snowden. just to give you a sense of the magnitude. that is what we expect moving forward. that's not happened yet. there are a number of key questions here. chief among them where is edward snowden. at last check he was believed to be in hong kong where we should say there was a protest. people out protesting hailing him has a hero for these recent leaks. this all comes as a number of members of the u.s. g
information on the government surveillance of americans. is edward snowden a hero or traitor? >>> searching for terrorists by monitoring millions of phone calls, e-mails, web searches effective or more like trying to find a needle in a haystack. >>> and $108 for antibiotic ointment, $77 for gauze pads. does obama care do anything to address excessive hospital costs? >> no, and no. and that lowers the cost. if anything it will raise the cost. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >>> thank you very much. very happy father's day to everyone, at least to the fathers. i have long advocated we ought to pass the fair tax. that would eliminate all taxes on income, savings, dividends, capital gains, inheritance and investments, and it would replace these penalties on productivity with a tax on consumption at the retail level. there's an important benefit of the fair tax that we can all really embrace. it eliminates the irs. that's a good reason for it, right? well, in light of the illegal and unethical activities of the irs in relationship to conservative pro-life and pro-israel groups and
for edward snowden. cheney called him a traitor and defends the actions of the defense agency. >> as the former vice president hek cheney made clear, agrees with obama when it comes to the nsa and spying. >> when they say they are not doing this or that, now you don't know if they are lying. >> this has caused some to lose trust in their government. today, a number of former and current government officials went on tv defending sa programs that look at phone and internet records. former vice president cheney did not hide his disdain for the the man who leaked information about the program. >> i think he's a traitor. >> cheney says that the spying is done to catch terrorists, violate americans lives. a place honoring a man who pushed for the bill of rights, many feel the nsa program is a violation of it. >> i think that people really should know the government is doing. court thatt a secret says this is ok. --they don't know everything they don't need to know everything about us. >> but other supported. catchthey use it to criminals, then i condone it. >> edward snowden is stil
. the british paper the guardian was behind it with edward snowden. >>> well, you don't need federal proof you're a u.s. citizen to register to vet. the court struck down the law that arizona voters approved that they are u.s. citizens before using a registration. arizona said the law would cut down on voter fraud. other states have similar voter remember thes and were asking the court to uphold arizona's. >>> all right. coming up on the news here at 6, july 1st there's a certain date for students with federal loans. it could put a beg dent in your wallet. >>> plus, is this enough to protect your child's brain, a debate over protecting pitchers when oib abc2 comes right back. >> a couple of storms, and we'll have more when we come back. stay with us. >>> about 15 minutes into a ball game at dundalk community college. wyatt will have a detailed look at the most accurate forecast coming up in about three and a half minutes. >>> in our consumer i've all right if you have a federal rally subsidized loan you need to keep a close eye on what's aing in washington. the rate also double. democrats, inc
treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips. >>> what do you think of edward snowden? >> i think he is a traitor. i think he has committed crimes. in fact, by violating agreements, given the position he had. he was a contractor employee. but he obviously had been granted top secret clearance. and i think that it is one of the worst occasions in my memory of -- somebody with access to information doing an enormous damage to the security interests of the united states. >> former vice president dick cheney there on fox news sunday. calling nsa leaker edward snowden a traitor for his actions. snowden went public again this week reacting to cheney's comments and criticizing the media coverage. part of what he said, unfortunately, the mainstream media now seems far more interested in what i said when i was 17 or what my girlfriend looks like rather than, say, the largest program of suspicionless surveillance in human history. judy, what do you think of his remarks? >> well, edward snowden, welcome to celebrity fraud. he has become a genuine folk hero to a lot of people under 30. if you lo
of 2009 hacking into smartphones and reading e-mails. the source? edward snowden. the normal nsa contractor who leaked see correct surveillance programs to the press. >> how much damage did he do? the fact is that time will tell. >> on cbs's "face the nation," chief of staff dennis mcdonough says snowden's leaks have hurt america. >> in effect give the playbook to those who would like to understood -- get around our techniques and practices. >> a british foreign service spokesman declined to comment on the spying allegations. and we're awaiting comments from the president from northern ireland in about half an hour. anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. >> thank you, susan. >>> there was a huge explosion in damascus yesterday. the syrian government blamed the attack on rebels. there are unconfirmed reports of casualties. also on sunday, amateur video appears to show amateurs appear to be attacking forces. there were no reports of casualties. >>> and we're learning more about the massive intelligence programs leaked by contractor edward snowden. as chip reid reports, the sc
into smartphones and reading e-mails. the source? edward snowden. >> how much damage he did do? the fact is that time will tell. >> on cbs's "face the nation," chief of staff dennis mcdonough says snowden's acts have hurt america. >> to get around our techniques and practices. >> a british foreign service spokesman declined to comment on the spying allegation. and we are awaiting comments from the president from northern ireland in about half an hour. sus anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. the syrian blamed the attack on rebels. there are unconfirmed reports of casualties. also on sunday, amateur video appears to show amateurs appear to be attacking forces. there were no reports of casualties. >>> and we're learning more about the massive intelligence programs leaked by contractor edward snowden. as chip reid reports, the scope of the program appears to be limited. >> reporter: the national security agency collects phone records on tens of millions of americans, but documents sent to congress this weekend says fewer than 300 were identified l'dent year. releasing that informati
is it going to take to decommission this plant? >> we don't know. >>> the recent leak by edward snowden of the nsa's programs has reignited the debate about whistle blowers. i spoke with ellsberg earlier today why he thinks the nsa leak is the most important in history. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. you said the snowden release is the most important release of information in america, even overriding the release of the pentagon papers. there are those who said edward snowden is a traitor. why do you think his actions are justified? >> i think he did a great benefit to us letting us now what the nsa is doing for the president under both administratio administrations, intervening into the privacy of every american. that's 7-year-olds and 90-year-olds. that's hard to imagine a democracy surviving that long with a government having the capability to blackmail every person. >> this ability has been given the thumbs up by two presidents. >> that was an impeachable offense under george bush and barack obama. the fact is the president cannot repeal an amendment of congre
classified information on the government surveillance of americans. is edward snowden a hero or trader? and is searching for terrorists by monitoring millions of phone calls, e-mails and web searches effective or more like trying to find a needle in a hay stack? >>> plus, $108 for antibiotic ointment, $77 for gauze pads. does obamacare address excessive healthcare costs. >> no, no, and no. if anything, it will raise the cost. >>> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >>> thank you. thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city and a very happy father's day to everyone. well, at least to the fathers. all right. i have long advocated that we ought to pace the fair tax. that would eliminate taxes on income, saving, dividends, capital gains, inheritance and investments and replace these penalties on our productive with a tax on our consumption at the retail level. there's an important benefit that we, i think can all really embrace. it eliminates the irs. that's a good reason for it, right? [ applause ] >> well, in light of the
unmasked by edward snowden prevented more than 50 plots since 9/11, including ten threats to the homeland. but nsa chief keith alexander still acknowledged they still don't have a way to block system administrators like edward snowden from taking secrets. william cohen served as secretary of defense during the clinton administration an joins us now. mr. secretary, thanks very much for being with us. one of the parts of the testimony that was so interesting was that alexander said they're still working on how to stop someone like edward snowden from accessing all of this. i understand that the damage assessment is just climbing by the day as they discover more an more data that he took from the computers. they don't even know the extent of it, and he is threatening to disclose more. so, is this a profound problem within our intelligence community? >> i think the problem is we have too many people who have access to top-secret clearances. as a result of that, you have people who are not fully vetted, and this may be the case with mr. snowden, but i think they have to take much greater care
's arguably not a coincidence. these latest revelations coming from nsa leaker edward snowden coming on the first day that the u.k. is hosting the g8 summit up in northern ireland. these new documents indicate that agents for the nsa equivalent here, the gchq, eavesdropped on various delegations at the g20 summits back in 2009. now, this followed the global economic collapse, so these were high stakes talks and, apparently, approved by the government of then-.gordon brown. -- then-prime minister gordon brown. a team of 45 agents were working around the clock realtime following both phone calls and messages from various officials involved with this summit. also included in this latest document dump of information u.s. agents working for the nsa over here in the u.k. were also listening in on communications with then-russian president dmitri dmitry medvedev. he was at those summits as well. as you recall at that time, the obama administration was trying to reset relations with russia, jon. jon: we have the g8 now be, what's the mood among the delegates there as this information is brea
chat hosted by the guardian newspaper. edward snowden says the truth will come out even if he is thrown in jail or killed. snowden says he felt compelled to leak details about the nsa program because president obama broke a bunch of campaign promises to end certain programs and instead, quote, expanded self abusive programs. the news about the nsa's collection of millions of telephone and internet records has led to weeks of furious debate over government spying, defenders say the programs approved by congress after 9/11 protect americans. former vice-president dick cheney one of the architects of the program spoke with fox news sun. >> what that's program allows us to do, and the reason it was set up and been operated, when we went to karachi and captured sheikh mohammed be other could get his row low -- rolodex. >> jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. what else is edward snowden saying? >> well, greg, in essence he says it was because he heard u.s. officials lie to congress, suggesting that james clapper's march testimony may have influenced his decision to put out these leaks. h
's in the morning's business headlines. and spilling more secrets? edward snowden may be sharing information with china. what does that mean for him? what does that mean for the united states? welcome to weekend with alex whitt. alex is off this morning. here's what's happening right now. new reports on the u.s. decision to arm syrian rebels as that conflict escalates. kristin walker joins us from the white house. kristin, are we getting any clearer picture at this point as to why now? >> well, craig, we know that president obama has been considering can arming the rebels for several months. we also know that back in april he first started sending military aid to the opposition forces. nonlethal aid. things that would help them in the field, for example. but in terms of why now, the pressure has been mounting on all fronts. on the one hand, you have members of congress, senator john mccain, other members of congress, calling for increased military action in syria. on the other hand, you also have stepped up efforts by hezbollah to help the syrian government and also iran. so that was a great
revelations of spying courtesy of edward snowden. this time with claims the british government spied on delegates attending another gathering. the g-20 summit in london. back here at home a new poll showing president obama's approval rating has taken a hit since the spying scandals broke. half of the public says they don't think he is honest and trust worthy. political director chuck todd traveling with the president. today's first read is pointing to this summit as a true test of the president's leadership. war tensions are back and quoting that some are talking about what this means today meeting with vladimir putin and russia along with others backing assad's regime. what can the president hope to achieve especially with meeting president putin today? >> trying to convince putin that assad, that putting his chips in with assad is somehow a long-term loser. the way that administration officials explain it is that they believe somehow if they can convince putin that it is in his best interest -- remember putin is pretty much a transactional political figure. if they can convince put
are held by contractors, workers like edward snowden, who made 122,000 dollars a year working for booz allen hamilton before he was fired monday for taking those secrets public. and guess what? our government has even outsourced the process of granting all but the highest of security clearances. ron brownstein joins me now in the "national journal" this weekend. his piece is called "so long privacy." the book 1984 zoomed up but big brother has become a public partnership. it includes northrup grumm manned, lockheed martin and even dell where snowden worked before booz allen. a senator wants to reign in the outsour outsourcing. is that possible at this point? >> there's always been a big contracting sized of the defense establishment. it grew exponentially after 9/11 partly because of the sense we had to ramp up quickly on a lot of different fronts and partly ideological in a republican sector having private companies grow rather than government. there's a lot of debate what this will mean, what the revelations mean about the debate for privacy. i think it's pretty unequivocal it will l
of an ongoing criminal investigation. >> the feds pursue edward snowden. >> i ternly had the authority to wiretap everyone, including the president. >> it's my fear that we are on the verge of becoming a surveillance state. >> i want to catch terrorists as much as any american, but what separates us from them is the rule of law. >> we're trying to be transparent here, protect the security of this country. >> we'll ask former vice president cheney about the nsa surveillance programs. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. then the white house says they will arm the syrian rebels after confirming that bashar al assad used chemical weapons. >> it will not change the battlefield equation, and we must change the equation. >> it is a game changer, or too little, too late? all right now on "fox news sunday." hello and happy father's day. for much of the eight years, dick cheney was a heart beat from the presidency, and he was in government surveillance as part of the world on terror. we will ask him about the changing u.s. policy on syria, and the bobama administration scandal. we want to start wi
back, could nsa leaker edward snowden defect abroad? >>> plus, it's called the most secretive agency in the country. find out what really goes on inside the nsa, just ahead. ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need. and that means growth, lots of cargo going all around the globe. cars and parts, fuel and steel, peas and rice, hey that's nice! ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪ thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is
like edward snowden, who made $122,000 working for booz allen hamilton, and he was fired for taking those secrets public. and the government outsourced gra granting all but the highest security clearances. ron, the book "1984" zoomed up on amazon, but big brother has become a private public partnership. and senator diane feinstein wants to reign in the outsourced intelligence industry. is that even possible at this point? >> there has always been a big defense contracting side of the defense establishment, but it grew after 9/11, partly because of the sense that we had to really ramp up quickly on a lot of fronts and partly for an ideologic preference, for having the private sector rather than growing government in some instances, but overall clearly there is a lot of debate about what these are going to mean and what the revelations are going to debate on national security versus privacy, and it's going to lead to sharp questioning about the extent of how we are relying on some of the information from the companies. >> booz, it makes it the 14th largest federal contractor. and the
security leaks. formern as a contractor edward snowden i hiding and pretend- presumed to be still in hong kong. thintelligence officials have rertedly determined what classified sites he accsed, what information he do loade and how it. thoseame officia said they do not believe that he had any acmplices n thate tried i any way to sell thehe matial that he accessed. fox news chief intelligence correspondent has our report. >> after meeting with european ministers, aorney general eric holder said the public disclosure of classified nsa progms hasone significant harm. the national security of the ited stes has en damaged byhose leaks. the safety of the arican peopll and safety of people in allied nations is at risk. a source familiar with the scope of the investigation tells fox news an audit of the computer of edward snowden inside the nsa and other government networks oning. based on his electctronic trail it is believed edward snowden has more documents beyon a handful leaked to the british his paper and washington post. i have access to theull auspice of everyon working at the nsa, the en
first leaked by edward snowden. someone identified as snowden answered questions online from an undisclosed location sanying the u.s. government will not be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. truth is coming and it cannot be stopped. >> he is saying putting me in prison or killing me prevents this information from being disclosed. some are calling leaks of the program dangerous. >> some lawmakers labeled snowden as a traitor. ?hat does snowden really know >> my suspicion is that some things are beyond his reach and what he is offering is his opinion. leaked information was to "the guardian." u.s. officials say that kind of spying is not really a surprise. right now happening in northern ireland -- the g-8. >> what else is the president doing to make more information?? he wants to have an oversight board. that would look at how much information should be gathered from americans. >> the president is wrapping up talks. can you wrap up the headlines for us so far? >> president obama sat down with vladimir putin but they did not see eye to eye when they came to hand
, the president addresses the spy agency leaker for the first time. as edward snowden makes new taunts from his hong kong hideout and his father pleads with him to stop the leaks. >> they're trying to take my things away. they're trying to inject me. they're trying to kill me. >> that terrifying incident on that jumbo jet at 30,000 feet caught on tape as a crazed passenger saying he was poison jumping on him till the plane landed. >>> the business suit brawl. a road rage attack that took everyone driving by surprise on a freeway entrance. what made this lawyer with the perfect record snap as other drivers rushed in to help. >>> just plain outrageous. is this guy the worst airline baggage handler in the world? the video gone viral this morning, oh, could that be your package right there? >>> good morning, america. hope you're enjoying these last few days of spring and we're going to show you right now a major milestone in america's longest war. american troops in afghanistan will no longer take the lead in any missions, all combat decisions will be made by afghan forces as the u.s. prepares to w
edward snowden stays underground in china, the greater grows fears he may defect and give u.s. security secrets. >> everyday he is in china erodes his claim he is a whistleblower. the information he has in his head or on his person or his computer or thumb drive is very valuable to the chinese. ever they haven't exploited it already >> exec they will be. he told people that if you think i made a mistake misunderstands my intentions. i'm not here to hide from justice. i'm here to reveal criminal ty. >> i think he is a traitor. >> former vice president dick cha know said he is the enemy. >> it is one of the worst occasions in my memory of somebody with access to classified information doing enormous damage to the united states. >> in hong kong edward snowden is a folk hero to some who condemned the u.s. >> we demand an apology by mr. obama. >>> the father of edward snowden's girlfriend said he never would. >> it is shocked that he went this for with this information and this whole situation. >> now, the question is how much further will he go. chuck seeber son, abc news, new york. >> this
for edward snowden posta tension was made in the u.s. state of virginia a week ago but only made public on friday -- the request for edward snowden's detention. this comes after leaking state secrets he obtained while working for u.s. spy agency, the nsa, the main one being a secret or brand that gathered asked amounts of phone and internet data. the system targeted u.s. citizens both at home and abroad s inell as foreign interest countries like china. the revelation has seriously damaged the reputation of the nsa and u.s. government. the hong kong government is refusing to comment on whether it will help the united states arrest edward snowden. rests with hong kong's chief executive, but even if they decide to begin proceedings, the process could take months. be givenays he cannot a favorable trial and may seek safe haven in iceland, a country internet harboring s, but it could be risky. >> iceland has become known as safe harbor for any whistleblower in the world. this is not the case. there has not been legislation that would protect those abroad. >> a representative from the wikilea
edward snowden appearing on the guardian website taking questions. open sesame. apple and other tech companies reviewing the number of requests may have received for customer data. major milestone, homebuilder confidence soaring to new highs not seen in seven years. and why would vladimir putin's want a super bowl ring? that and so much more coming up on "markett now." connell: all right. dagen: why would you want a super bowl ring worn by the patriots? connell: a huge rally on wall street. i was posting the first negative comments on the facebook page. dagen: did you know i get up at 3:30 in the morning? connell: good morning, nicole. nicole: good morning. let's take a look, the dow jones industrial up 175 points right now at 15,245. still holding above the 15,000 mark. weegot the new york manufacturing numbers in the state of new york, everybody eagerly waiting to see what the federal market committee, what their policy meeting will bring. hoping they will do a whole lot of nothing leading to money printing. back to you. dagen: thank you so much, nicole. connell: edward snowde
the weekend, white house chief of staff denis mcdonough said officials are still looking for edward snowden. he was last known to be in hong kong. the white house has repeatedly said snowden has exaggerated his access to sensitive information. >>> and what what could be another blow to your privacy? your face could be among 120 million that state officials are troving through. reporting that the white house is using data basis to prevent driver as license fraud, instead to identify accomplices and incident bystanders in criminal investigations. the only legal environment is for searches to be conducted for law enforcement. it's to help identify murderers but the post reports it's to lure between criminal and noncriminal databases. and it depends where you live. 26 states have the technology and allow the search. 11 states in the capital also have it but don't allow the search. and 13 states don't have the technology at all. >>> well a demographic death file is how one top gop senator describes the republican party. lindsey graham helped write the bipartisan immigration bill. he said passing
's major spy agencies, the nsa and the cia, will give us some straight answers. >>> then is edward snowden a hero or a zero. two of the "new yorker" magazine's finest journalists who follow the subject disagree. jeff toobin versus john cassidy, a fight to the finish. >> then we look at the middle east, turkey, egypt and much more. what to make of it all. >> and -- 50 years later, we'll talk about that speech and another one, one that jeffrey sachs says is the most important presidential speech of the modern era. >> and that is the most important topic on earth, peace. >> but first here's my take. so, the obama administration has now decided that syria's use of chemical weapons crosses a red line. as a result, the united states will supply the opposition with small arms and ammunition. this strikes me as a risky decision. too little to have a real impact and enough to commit the united states in a complex civil war. first let's be clear. this will not ease the humanitarian nightmare unfolding in syria. the opposition forces will now have some more arms and they will fight back, presumably k
of a secret and as a spy program. edward snowden has been hiding ever since the revelations came out. reportedly, in hong kong. but this morning, he answered questions from people all over the world. >> live on the guardians website this morning, edward snowden answered questions. the nsa was a blower was asked about a number of things, including nsa access, the number of documents and content of communications the nsc -- the nsa can see. "all i can say right now it that the u.s. government is not going to be able to cover this up by dealing were murdering me. the trick is coming and it cannot be stopped." he says more is coming, but when on to explain that they have something -- access to something they can agree about something, anything they want. -- they can ask about anything they want. while his whereabouts remain fled to snowden said he hong kong because the u.s. destroyed the possibility of anything like a fair trial. the guardian website warned that at his responses would be subject to having secured internet connection. >> thank you. facebook and microsoft in disclosing how
the event which was about everything from chinese spies to edward snowden. >> your life is in jeopardy, your life is in jeopardy, too, if you work for the nsa, if you work for the cia, if you work for the national security agency. >> there's no word on whether the man will face any charges. >>> president obama is defending his administration's handling of the syrian war. the president's first comments come following friday's announcement regarding the aid of weapons after bashar al assad's crossing of the red line. >> this argument that if we had gone in earlier in some fashion, that the tragedy and chaos had taken place in syria wouldn't be taking place i think is wrong. >> a new pugh research poll finds 70% are against the u.s. and its allies sending arms and military supplies to anti-got groups in syria, 20% are in favor. nearly two-thirds say the u.s. is overcommitted the sdmroop syria is expected to take center stage at this week's g-8 summit. while they support opposing sides in the conflict, they agree that the civil war must come toon end. nbc news chief whus correspondent chuck todd
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